All bookings are confirmed in writing by way of mutually signed contract between Swede Dreamz Limited (Company Registered In England & Wales No 4722074) and the client named on the Confirmation Contract & Invoice. 

This agreement is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The client is required to sign and return one copy of the Confirmation Contract & Invoice to Swede Dreamz Limited within seven days together with deposit (if requested). In the event of this agreement being made with a company, the person signing the contract agreement must be authorised to do so on behalf of the company and accepts the terms and conditioned. Failure to return the signed contract agreement within seven days may result in a provisional booking being released without notice and the date rebooked to another client.
  2. The client is requested to check all details including date, venue, arrival and performance times, etc are correct. Please advise us immediately if anything is incorrect.
  3. Swede Dreamz Limited hold full Public Liability Insurance (up to £10,000,000) arranged by Hencilla Canworth Limited and insured by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance PLC.
  4. The client is required to provide a suitable-sized performing area (minimum six meters x three meters) with an electrical supply (minimum four x 13 amp sockets) that meets or exceeding British Standards. Please ensure the performing area is clear upon arrival to ensure equipment is set-up as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Please contact us direct should you require any additional information.
  5. The show involves elaborate stage clothing and costume changes form part of the show. The client must provide suitable secure dressing room facilities as close to the stage as possible. Please note toilets are not acceptable.
  6. Sound-checks are necessary and usually take place 60-90 minutes after arrival time. Please ensure these times are suitable and do not coincide or clash with other events.
  7. Please advise Swede Dreamz Limited in advance of any restrictions the venue may have regarding volume levels (sound limiters) and optional stage haze (smoke alarms).
  8. The client is responsible for providing adequate supervision and security at all times. In the event of threatening or unruly behaviour from any individual then Swede Dreamz Limited is entitled to cease the performance and still be paid in full. Likewise, the client is responsible for any damage to equipment (accidental or otherwise) caused by any individual not associated with Swede Dreamz Limited.
  9. Unless stated otherwise, full or balance payment is payable on the engagement date. Payment by cheque (cheque payable to Swede Dreamz Limited) or cash.
  10. Should this contract agreement need to be cancelled by the client then the following cancellation fees will apply in order to cover re-advertising date availability, etc:
    • Cancellation received more than 56 days before the performance date = 25% of fee
    • Cancellation 29 - 56 days before the performance date = 50% of fee
    • Cancellation within 28 days of the performance date = 100% of fee
    Please note cancellations are only effective from date when received in writing by Swede Dreamz Limited (this is to safe guard ourselves) and a deduction covering all reasonable travel expenses will be applied before determining the applicable cancellation fee.
  11. Please note Swede Dreamz Limited works with a team of experienced and fully-qualified stage performers. As such, individual cast members may differ from one show to another.
  12. Unless stated otherwise, bookings are for our standard four-piece ABBA show which consists of live vocals and harmonies throughout together with professional studio-produced backing tracks which including keyboard and guitar. Five-piece shows include drummer and this will be clearly stated on your Confirmation Contract & Invoice.
  13. If applicable to the booking, our Sensational 70's Party Night disco music is pre-recorded on disc - please advise in advance if you have any special requests or requirements.
  14. Swede Dreamz Limited is unable to accept any claims for financial loss (or similar) in the event of Swede Dreamz Limited being unable to fulfil an engagement due to vehicle mechanical breakdown, road traffic delays, illness or similar. In the case of mechanical breakdown or illness Swede Dreamz Limited agrees to provide (on request) documented evidence to support such events. Please note Swede Dreamz Limited has full vehicle breakdown cover which included replacement vehicle if necessary. Likewise, we have access to several deputy female vocalists who can usually assist at short notice.

Revised 05/2018

Please note we work with a team of experienced and fully-qualified performers. As such, individual cast members may differ from one show to another.