Swede Dreamz ABBA Tribute Band - Meet The Band

Knowing Me, Knowing YouMeet the Band

Here you can find out a little more about the individuals Swede Dreamz ABBA tribute band members, their backgrounds and much more ...

Abba Tribute UK - Suzi


Suzi’s obsession with singing began at an early age when impersonating Whitney Houston in a school singing competition. Alongside her A-Levels, Suzi studied various vocal techniques and took part in a number of vocal sessions for recording artists.

In her late teens she joined Voulez Vous ABBA tribute band and instantly fell in love with the stage. Suzi's uncanny resemblance to Agnetha didn’t go unnoticed and she would eventually take over the lead role as Agnetha. She has since gone on to portray Agnetha with a number of ABBA tribute bands before joining Swede Dreamz.

Abba Tribute UK - Amanda


Amanda started dance lessons at the tender age of four and it wasn’t long after she discovered she had a talent for singing. Amanda has been performing professionally as a singer and actress for a number of years and has worked Europe during this time (including several cruise ships). She has many TV, theatre and film credits and is also an accomplished pantomime performer.

In 2009 Amanda joined Voulez Vous as principal Frida and has also worked with various ABBA tribute acts. Amanda continually strives to perfect her portrayal of Frida in all of her performances.

Abba Tribute UK - Raymond


Raymond is a founder member of the band. His knowledge of ABBA knows no bounds which has led to his involvement and contributions to several ABBA books, TV and radio interviews and actually meeting Benny, Bjorn and Frida in both Stockholm and London (only the elusive Agnetha has evaded him)!

In 2013 he launched Waterloo Radio, an online radio station dedicated to the music of ABBA with a monthly audience in excess of 32,000 listeners! The station has since been personally endorsed by ABBA's Benny and Bjorn.

Abba Tribute UK - Nick


Nick has played piano since he was three years old. He has played many different styles of popular music in various bands over the years throughout the UK and Europe and on TV. As well as playing, Nick is obsessed with the technology behind music production and the sounds that the keyboards make. This adds to the true authenticity of a Swede Dreamz ABBA tribute show.

ABBA’s Benny Andersson is one of Nicks heroes and he loves the chance to play him on stage.

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