No Change To "Swede Dreamz" Stage Name

Published on 4 June 2010

Following recent articles in The Stage (03/06/2010) and The Independent (04/06/2010) newspapers, the management of Swede Dreamz would like to clarify the situation regarding reports and suggestions of a change of name:

The management of Swede Dreamz received an email from Universal Music in Stockholm in late May 2010. Although individually personalise, the email was a general circular forwarded initially to fifteen ABBA tributes requesting that they (the tribute acts) cease using the name “ABBA” in their stage name. Universal Music went on to say that they considered anyone using the term “ABBA” to be an infringement of copyright and also potentially confused ABBA fans and the general public into believing ABBA had reformed! Swede Dreamz are one of only a very small number of ABBA tribute acts that doesn’t actually have the name “ABBA” in their stage name and the management of Swede Dreamz entered into discussions with Universal Music by telephone and email and are pleased to confirm Universal Music are now satisfied Swede Dreamz are NOT infringing any copyright issues. This being the case, Swede Dreamz will continue with this stage name in the future.

You can read the above-mentioned articles via the following links:

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Please do not hesitate to contact us either by email or telephone should you wish to discuss this matter further.

Thank you.